We are very pleased to announce that two-time Grammy nominated boutique box set label, Artist In Residence, is releasing Death Cab for Cutie’s complete Barsuk Years collection in an individually numbered and signed vinyl box set!

This deluxe box set contains all of Death Cab for Cutie’s early albums and E.P.s, some never before available on vinyl. All the records from the original 1997 cassette-only demo You Can Play These Songs With Chords (originally released via the band’s first label, Bellingham, WA-based Elsinor) through 2001’s The Stability E.P. have been re-mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE, bringing the audio quality of those pressings up to that of the band’s ground-breaking classic 2003 opus (and final studio release via Barsuk) Transatlanticism.

Three releases in the package (Chords, Stability, and The Death Cab for Cutie Forbidden Love E.P.) are available for the first time on vinyl, only as part of this box – the entire set is pressed on hefty, beautiful 180-gram vinyl. Each release is packaged individually in its own jacket with the album’s original artwork, and then collected snugly in an individually-numbered cloth-bound box and signed by each member of the band.

Only 1,500 pieces will be made and are available for PRE-ORDER NOW.


You Can Play These Songs With Chords
Something About Airplanes
We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes
The Death Cab for Cutie Forbidden Love E.P.
The Photo Album
The Stability E.P.

*Will ship on or before January 7, 2013.