Ben is the first contributor to a new initiative called “90 Days, 90 Reasons” launched today by Dave Eggers and McSweeney’s. This is an effort to remind voters that there’s an election fast approaching and that President Obama deserves another term. Every day on this new website a concrete reason to vote for Obama will be given, and a cultural figure—including Van Jones, Judd Apatow, Elizabeth Gilbert, Win Butler, Michael Chabon, Aisha Tyler, Reza Aslan, John Prendergast, Cheryl Strayed, Carrie Brownstein, Shepard Fairey, Aimee Mann, Daniel Alarcón, Miguel Arteta, Roger Ebert, Russell Simmons and 73 others—will elaborate a bit on that reason.

REASON 01 from Ben: Obama is the first president in U.S. history to acknowledge the right of gay couples to marry and enjoy the full benefits of marriage in the eyes of the law.

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